Vesecky Family Farms
Rent a chick

Just in time for Easter !
You will get 2 newly hatched baby chickens to Love and enjoy for 2 weeks.
After the 2 weeks, simply return the baby chickens and take home your FREE dozen fresh farm eggs.

Rent a chick comes with:

  • 2 Newly hatched baby chickens
  • 1 box for them to live in
  • Food for 2 weeks
  • Food and watering dishes

    You will need to supply the heat that is required for the chickens' survival.
    A table lamp and a 40 to 60 Watt light bulb will do the trick!
    The babies go fast so place your order now to reserve yours - Call and ask for William at Vesecky Family Farms. 785-594-6433
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